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Tom Barron is very proud to be the exclusive distributor of Novogen products to the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. In partnership with Novogen, Tom Barron Independent Hatcheries have brought the Novogen Brown and Novogen White (day old layer chicks and point of lay pullets) to the UK and ROI markets.

Novogen is a French company with its head quarters at Quintin, Brittany in France. It is a sister company of Hubbard and a part of the group Grimaud. Group Grimaud is the second largest multi species breeding company in the world and the world’s leader in the speciality segments. The group’s turnover is over 240 million Euros and it employs over 1700 employees worldwide.

Novogen concentrates all its efforts on its core business of research and development that suits specific markets needs. Novogen supplies, Layer Grandparent stock and parent stock to independent players in the egg industry. It is a clear part of Novogen strategy not to integrate into the full chain of the distribution by getting involved in commercial layer hatcheries. It encourages independent hatcheries to flourish in their existing markets with the knowledge that they can concentrate their efforts providing customers with their specific needs whilst providing the high level of back up technical expertise and research and development that is required in the fast changing business environment. This approach has been widely accepted worldwide and hatcheries in all countries are moving to the Novogen Product.

Novogen has quickly been recognised as a credible player in the layer industry and it growth has surpassed all expectations since they entered the market in 2009, they have gained 20% of the world breeder layer market.