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Technical Managers

In order to provide our customers the full benefit of the Novogen Novo-Brown and Novogen Novo-White birds, both point of lay hens and one day old chicks, and receive the best support and advice possible Tom Barron’s have build up a successful team of experienced technical managers. Each are handpicked for their extensive and broad knowledge of egg products and the poultry industry.

Our team is structured to cover all the UK and the republic of Ireland. To speak to a member of our team you can contact us direct from the information below, or through our Head office sales support team.

The Team

john-wynn-higgins-one-day-old-chicks John Wynn-Higgins
East Midlands and Ireland
Mobile: 07801 834097
Email: johnwh@tombarron.co.uk
doug-kirby-one-day-old-chicks Doug Kirkby
Northern England and Scotland
Mobile: 07715 005919
Email: doug@tombarron.co.uk
pauline2015 Pauline Jones
Wales and Western Counties
Mobile: 07801 834095
Email: pauline@tombarron.co.uk
robin-clark-one-day-old-chicks Robin Clark
South and South West England
Mobile: 07968 432862
Email: robinclark@tombarron.co.uk
pk2015 Praveen Sharma
Hatchery Manager and Technical Support
Mobile: 07801 834084
Email: pk@tombarron.co.uk
olive-elwiss-one-day-old-chicks Olive Elwiss
Day Old Co-Ordinator
Tel: 01772 692076
Fax: 01772 690985
Mobile: 07802 606858
Email: oelwiss@tombarron.co.uk