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Novogen Brown

Tom Barron is please to offer you the best birds in its class. An excellent calm temperament persisted egg quality, unsurpassed feed efficiency and a well-balanced bird that is at home in both enriched colony environments and alternative productivity systems. The Novo brown will produce rich brown eggs of a uniform size excellent shell quality and with an excellent feed conversion to first quality eggs.

Novogen Brown produces greater numbers of high quality eggs of a good brown colour for a long and persistant period of lay.

Novogen Brown lends itself to all systems of production without compromising its performance.

Selection protocols developed exclusively by Novogen have given a well behaved calm but not dopey bird. Nesting behaviour is excellent with no crowding and an even bird distribution.

Novogen Brown achieves an excellent performance on less feed with the ability to adjust its appetite to any feed quality changes deliberate or otherwise.

Management Guides

Click on the links below to download a PDF copy of our management guide or an excel spreadsheet for recording production.

pdf NOVOgen Brown CS Management Guide
pdf NOVOgen White CS Management Guide